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Meet The Beanies

Get to know a bit more about Laura, Michael, and Mim Beanie!


Say Hello to Laura Beanie

Laura Beanie is OBSESSED with puppies and loves anything that sparkles. Her favourite food is bananas and her favourite season is Summer because it is warm enough to take her puppy King Louie down to the doggy beach for a swim. When Laura Beanie was little, she wanted to be a famous theatre actress or a lawyer (because she liked debating!). Her favourite thing about being a Beanie is seeing Mini-Beanies singing and dancing along at shows! When Laura isn’t being a Beanie, she runs her own kids party company called ‘Glitterbomb Parties’ where she gets to make lots of children happy on their birthdays.


Give a Wave to Michael Beanie

Michael Beanie is a world champion “Smelly Foot” competition winner, and is also known to adopt up to six different characters a day. He loves milkshakes, spaghetti, and that cheese you get in a big wheel, you know the one I’m talking about? Anyways, when he was young, he made the choice to become a cowboy astronaut. As most kids do, he changed his mind not long after that, Michael decided that being an actor is best because he can really be anything. He’s toured the country pretending to be other people, and sometimes he got paid for it! Yay!


Say G'Day to Mim Beanie

Mim Beanie loves painting, drawing and crafternoons. Her favourite food is cupcakes because they are delicious AND adorable. Mim loves to swim at the beach and play beach cricket with her family. When Mim Beanie was little she wanted to be a Primary School Teacher so she could have fun with kids all day (lucky for her she can do this as a Beanie!). Her favourite thing about being a Beanie is testing out songs and stories on her nephew. When Mim isn’t being a Beanie she is running around the Sydney Opera House pretending to be a publicist.


Meet the Music Wizard

James Court has been a music wizard since the age of four, when a magical Casio appeared to him, and cast a spell that inspired him to dedicate his life to writing songs about farts. When The Beanies asked him to write songs about farts for them, he jumped at the chance, and has been the band’s songwriter since its inception. It’s been a gas so far!

When he’s not writing fart songs, he produces art songs as one half of the duo ‘Amberwood Park’ with his writing partner Simeon Yialeloglou, with whom he is also currently writing his third musical. He also teaches musical theatre classes, and plays in bands for musicals. James enjoys pretentious Beat poetry, fanboying over Stephen Sondheim musicals, and referring to himself in the third person.